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Spa Menu - 7 days per Week - 9 am to 5 pm - *Subject to Availablity

Deep tissue Massage

This is a therapeutic massage with added focus on trigger points and problem areas. This massage is designed to address sports related conditions or problems related to chronic stress or other physical issues.

 Prize: R 450            Duration: 50 minutes                                                                             BOOK ONLINE NOW


The ancient art of aromatherapy combines the therapeutic benefits, of touch and smell, individualized just for you. Essential oils of plants and flowers are selected and used during the gentle manipulation of a Swedish massage to reduce stress, and increase energy. Revitalize, relax or rebalance the body and mind.

Prize: R 450            Duration: 50 minutes                                                                              BOOK ONLINE NOW

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

Focussing only on the areas where most tension is accumulated, this massage will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. It also includes a head massage as an extra treat.

Prize: R 350            Duration: 30 minutes                                                                              BOOK ONLINE NOW


After a soothing footbath and Salt Glow exfoliation you'll receive a relaxing foot and lower leg massage before
it all ends with toenails, polished to perfection.

Prize: R 250            Duration: 30 minutes                                                                              BOOK ONLINE NOW

Duchess Deluxe warming body treatment 

We start with a specialised body exfoliate to enhance you circulation. Then tuck you in a warming body wrap
and treat you to a gentle Esse facial. Ending off with a soothing volcanic hot stone massage.

Prize: R 900            Duration: 120 minutes                                                                            BOOK ONLINE NOW

 A Royal treatment for your Legs

A refreshing treatment for tired and heavy legs starting with an exfoliation followed by a restoring leg and
pressure point foot massage. Excellent after a long flight or drive.

Prize: R 350            Duration:  45 minutes                                                                             BOOK ONLINE NOW

The Dukes Polish

Enjoy a restoring back, neck and shoulder massage using warmed volcanic stones, followed by an effective foot treatment including intensive exfoliation and foot mask. Ending off your treatment with a specialized facial to give you that extra fresh feeling.

Prize: R 750            Duration:  90 minutes                                                                             BOOK ONLINE NOW

Cascading Hot Stone Massage 

Experience the deeply relaxing effect of warmed volcanic stones used to soothe tired aching muscles in a traditional massage. With the use of specialised pressure we relieve tension knots for total body relaxation.

Prize: R 750            Duration:  90 minutes                                                                             BOOK ONLINE NOW

Health Weeks Menu

During the Months of August, September and October 2014 Cascade Country Manor will be offering special services to complete your health month experience. 

You can book either a 3 day or five day package and add any of there activities during your stay.


Topic / Offering



(Mariza van Zyl) 

Health Talks





( Studio)

Wellness Talks

We are very excited to welcome you to a series of wellness talks, including the following topics:

  • Chronic pain and sitting: what is the cause and how can it be fixed?
  • Metabolism: the key to your waistline.
  • Proper posture: a rare occurrence/ 21st century tendencies
  • Exercise myths

Group sessions


( Studio)


Pilates was developed very long ago by a man called Joseph Pilates. This exercise modality focuses on strengthening the core, stabilising muscle development and flexibility, improving posture and breathing correctly. It is a great way for those young and old to train safely and effectively.

Group sessions


( Studio)

Water aerobics

Water aerobics gets your heart rate up like normal aerobics would, but in Cascade Manor Spa’s heated pool, you don’t have to worry about placing strain on your joints. Water aerobics is great for improving range of motion, cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance for anyone with chronic lower back pain, painful joints, arthritis or a number of other conditions.

Group sessions


( Studio)

Sports massage

This is a deep tissue massage that focuses on specific problem areas. Muscle and fascia tightness can cause pain in the musculoskeletal system. This hour long massage is a fantastic way to work through these tight areas and allow for less strain on the skeletal system.

Cost: R500


( Studio)

Assessment for specific area of pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Lower back, neck and knee pain can be debilitating and can drastically reduce your quality of life. During this assessment we will take a close look at your pain, look at muscle imbalances, weakness and tightness that may cause musculoskeletal pain or may exaggerate your pre-existing condition. This assessment includes 2 sessions. It includes an individualised programme that will assist in eliminating pain and during your second session we will go through your stretches and strengthening exercises with you, step-by-step, to put you on your way to a healthier, more active you.

Cost: R750 (2 sessions)


( Studio)

Fitness assessment

During this individual fitness assessment we will look at all aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular (your heart and lung fitness), flexibility (how supple your muscles are) and muscle endurance (how strong specific muscle groups are). We also do a postural analysis to look at the story your posture tells. A beautiful balance between the above mentioned aspects of your fitness ensures a healthy, effectively functioning body.

This assessment includes a report of all your fitness parameters, as well as an optional training programme to assist you in improving your health and wellness.

Cost: R300

(Optional training programme: additional R80)


( Studio)

Somatotyping and body composition

Everybody has heard of BMI - the relationship of your weight relative to your height is used to indicate your level of body fat. The problem with BMI is that it doesn’t take into account what your weight consists of. Most people know that muscle weighs more than fat, and if you have a higher muscle content, this will cause your BMI to rise drastically, putting you at a much higher fat percentage than that which is true.

During an individual somatotyping and body fat percentage session, we will plot your somatotype; the body build that you were born with so that you can understand your body shape and type. We also do a fat percentage calculation using skinfold callipers - the most direct and scientifically correct way of determining your fat percentage.

This assessment includes a report with details on your somatotype as well as your body composition.

Cost: R300


Creative Life Coaching

(Susanne Schubert)

Coaching in nature

Coaching is an amazing experience which provides the coachee a safe space where he or she is listened to by someone who has been trained to listen on different levels.

Coaching is a journey of self-discovery for the coachee who is skillfully guided by the coach. Thoughts run freely and there are no limitations.

Although the time for this journey is limited at Cascade Country Manor, guests may feel inspired by it to continue coaching in their home environment. And of course, wonderful and life-changing experiences can occur in a short period of time.

Cost: R 2 000.00 (three hour session)


(Get Organised)


Get Organised (SA & IR) is a premier productivity training & consultancy company. We help with productive: time, email, meetings, teams, space & life.


Productive Time-Task-Email

What good is a retreat if you don’t have the time (and tools) to maintain your wellbeing?

This personalised and practical session gives you a fresh perspective on how to make the most of your time and reclaim 1-3 hours every day.

Suitable for: anyone wishing for more time, entrepreneurs, senior to junior employees or home executives.

Need more info? Feel free to connect with us on the phone prior to booking this session +27 (84) 507 6891.[KJ3] 

Cost: R 2 475.00 (three hour session: 1-2 persons)



(Get Organised)

Get Organised (SA & IR) is a premier productivity training & consultancy company.  We help with productive: time, email, meetings, teams, space & life.

Productive Life

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

This is not a fluffy feel good session but rather a fun, immersive and practical workshop designed for anyone with great intentions of reaching their goals.

You will be taken through a solid process to bring clarity; leaving you crystal clear and armed with a step-by-step plan of action. 

Need more info? Feel free to connect with us on the phone prior to booking this session +27 (84) 507 6891.[KJ4] 


Cost: R 2 475.00 (three hour session: 1-2 persons)



 cascade manor spa paarl  cascade manor spa paarl   Beauty21

A haven within a haven, Cascade Spa is the newest addition to Cascade Manor boutique hotel and spa. This intimate wellness centre offers an array of specialist as well as all-purpose treatments to pamper your body and revive your mind. Unwind from your busy lifestyle in the skilled hands of our therapists, who will advise you on a variety of pampering options available. Relax to the soothing sounds of nature and immerse yourself in a sensory experience that will refresh and reinvigorate you.

At Cascade Spa much time and research has been dedicated to sourcing the best products available for use in all of our treatments, some of which take their cue from the natural environment surrounding the spa itself; the base oil for massage treatments is olive oil and local grapeseed oil is also used in particular treatments. Esse is a local, organic product with olive leaf extract and is an environmentally-conscious chemical-free range of pampering skincare solutions. QMS Medicosmetics was developed by German plastic surgeon, Dr. Erich Schulte, an authority on skin ageing and regeneration whose pioneering products are frequently chronicled for their groundbreaking results. These products are also available for purchase. Speak to our professionals about choosing the right products for your skin requirements.


The spa comprises two serene treatment rooms, an infrared sauna as well as an enclosed heated pool. The infrared sauna is safe for those who suffer from heart disease and is effective in easing discomfort relating to joint pains and skin problems. The heated pool is wheelchair-friendly and easily accessible for mobility-restricted clients.
Visitors to the spa are free to use all facilities and are encouraged to first soak in the heated pool, then sit in the sauna before moving to the treatment room for a massage, thus allowing the body and mind to relax gradually and completely before their treatment.
For those seeking an extraordinary sensory experience, indulge in an outdoor massage at the waterfall located on the property, just a short walk from the spa. In a secluded oasis made private just for you, let the gentle sounds of the plunging water fill your ears while you take in the natural invigorating smells of the treatment oils and relax to the touch of skilled hands at work.


We recommend you reserve your treatment at least 24 hours in advance. For reservations please contact us on 021 868 0227. You can also email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Treatment sessions begin and end at indicated times. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment. Late arrival will result in your treatment time being reduced accordingly, but still charged at full price.

Spa etiquette:

The spa is designed for relaxation and tranquillity. It would be appreciated if you could refrain from using mobile phones.

Health conditions:

Please be sure to tell us about any health conditions, injuries and allergies that could affect your treatment or the use of spa facilities by completing the guest questionnaire.

Gift vouchers:

Gift vouchers are available. To enquire please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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