Vodka and Sushi Night

Vodka and Sushi Night

Enjoy an evening with Cascade Country Manor's new head chef:  Dane Newton.

He will prepare a Japanese inspired menu featuring sushi to match the premium vodka created by Roger Jorgenson from Jorgensen Distillery.

Roger will entertain you with interesting facts and stories about his premium Vodka called: Primitiv.


Smoked Duck Salad
With tempura mushrooms, pickled cucumber
And oven roasted tomatos
Vodka Mojito
Primitiv Vodka, lemon sorbet and mint foam
Sushi Assiette
California roll with prawn and spring onion
Tuna Maki
Salmon roses
Smoked kudu Roll
Fresh and Seared Sashimi
Green Tea brûlée
Served with a tofu cheesecake
And dark chocolate sauce

R 280.- per Person - Wine included

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Note from the Vodka Distillers:

Primitiv is not just vodka: it is a unique taste experience carefully handcrafted in small batches in our family distillery in Wellington.

The grain we use in Primitiv is itself primitive.  Primitive Spelt was the staple grain of choice for Bronze Age man till post medieval times.  Now a relict crop, Spelt is precious.

Our Spelt is grown in the high Cedarberg, right on the snowline, on virgin land to strict holistic practices, far from madding crowds and third party contamination.  Pure Spelt.  To get to the Spelt fields climb the high passes, go past the Lord's Acre and turn left.....

It is no coincidence that the finest sipping vodkas are made from grains grown on the cold Russian steppes and in short Scandinavian summers: cold climate grain makes smooth vodka with fine flavours.

Note: Primitiv is designer sipping vodka in the tradition of the divine vodkas of the Russian steppes.  Drink it cold, very cold.  Prepare to be amazed. Primitiv is silky smooth with a rush of peppery spice, elusive floral and anise touches over a creamy grain base; inspiring masculine finish.


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