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While we are not allowed go operate as a hotel we can still provide food.

The Butterfly House is a community centre in the valle. During the day it is a care centre for Kindergarden children and in the afternoon many children use it as a homework facility. The children receive breakfast and lunch as long as they bring their books to study.

The Butterfly house received food from community members and farmers in the area that are bringing their fresh produce, but as demand grows this is not enough. These taxing times have put the centre under pressure to provide food for up to 450 children per day. More about Butterfly House can be viewed on www.butterflyhouse.co.za

Please consider to donate a meal for 5 (R50)  by following the book now link and make a donation via credit card or eft. Payment can be done by eft or credit card by utilising our booking platform. You will receive a confirmation email with our heartfelt thanks and discount point towards your next stay at Cascade Country Manor.

The money is allocated towards any additional food that we need to buy in, as well as to pay for the extra hands, transport, utensils and equipment necessary to prepare and deliver the food safely.