Explore retreat June 2021

For those with the willingness to embrace deep learning and the desire work to toward finding
purpose and meaning this journey may well expose endless possibilities.

 Each part is carefully planned to ensure we give attention to feed the mind, body and soul.
 Each part can be attended individually, as we use a reflective approach to bridge the parts
 To experience the full extent of personal growth it is however best to attend all parts

travel through (an unfamiliar area) in order to learn about it.
examine by touch
As we gain knowledge and grow older we seem to become unwilling and reluctant to think about
changing the way we think and the ways we do things. We become conditioned to believe that the
world owes us and gives us no choice. We believe this places limitations on what gives meaning to
our life.
To be resolute in upholding our values it is necessary to discover new things about ourselves and for
that we need to have courage. Courage to stake our claim, courage to change direction, courage to
learn, courage to stand up for what we believe in, courage to experience joy!

Exploration requires us to be brave and when we challenge ourselves to think as a child would about
exploring, we open ourselves to be surprised, to find treasures that are intriguing and things that we
would otherwise be completely averse to.
In this 4 th and last part of our series we will learn about visualising our doing , moving forward and
taking action.
Through a practical approach we will learn that when we visualise where we are going, does not
matter how difficult or impossible it may seem, the journey just becomes a reality and not just a plan