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Reflect Retreat 16 October 2020

The series of workshops offer a guide for living and leading others.
Our attention is focused through the use of various practical tools and methods to help us work toward being mindful, resilient, purposeful and resolute.

(of a surface or body) throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it.
think deeply or carefully about.
When we mindfully reflect we make meaning of what happened, we learn, we find relevance and we
are able to make crucial connections between events as well as what we experienced.
Reflection as a practice helps us make sense of what happened, to think about it, the facts and
fictions and the impact it has and then to decide what to do about it. That is if anything needs to be
As we reflect on our life journey, and particularly the last few months which probably brought anxiety,
anger, anticipation, sadness and a lot of what ifs and what now, it is important to separate that which
is helpful and that which drags us down.
In this 1 st part of our series we will spend our time on being. We reflecting on our journey, our values,
the care we bestow on ourselves, how we are, what we do, how we relate and what gives meaning to
our life. Becoming more mindful of our purpose.
Through a practical and deep meaningful reflective approach our 1 st milestone will be to establish a
personal purpose statement which would help us move forward toward the next milestone of


What is included

for the body, mind and soul

- Welcome drink at the Waterfall
- Spa Treatments
- Mindfulness sessions offered by CORA Coaching
- Movie night
- Breakfast, Lunches and Dinner
- Free time to sleep & relax or exercise
- Two nights accommodation in a classic or deluxe room (available as Twin or Double)

Price Structure and Booking

All inclusive price for one person in a single room R 4900

All inclusive price sharing in a twin room R 3750

Prices are quoted for the whole retreat weekend per Person. You may book an additional night at the Special retreat rate of R 850 per night

For more information send a WhatsApp with "Retreat" to 067 785 0855

or to book email: [email protected] you can also reserve your room