• Restore retreat January 2021

Restore Retreat January 2021

The series of workshops offer a guide for living and leading others. Our attention is focused through
the use of various practical tools and methods to help us work toward being mindful, resilient,
purposeful and resolute.

 Each part is carefully planned to ensure we give attention to feed the mind, body and soul.
 Each part can be attended individually, as we use a reflective approach to bridge the parts
 To experience the full extent of personal growth it is however best to attend all parts


In the same way that we think about restoration or the renewal of furniture or a house, it is much
needed to think about our personal emotional, spiritual and physical restoration or renewal.
Whilst restoration is valuable after periods of strain or difficulty, it requires a constant practice of self-
acceptance, self-management and self-care. It is a process of thinking about the continuous renewal
of our mind. It compels us to integrate and understand past experiences to enable us to resolve and
change our emotional responses to events that seems to follow us wherever we go.
In this 2 nd part we focus on meaning and work toward understanding where we are and where we
want to be ,we will work on acceptance, forgiveness and building resilience that would help us move
forward from controlling thoughts, feelings and emotions.
Through a practical approach we will learn that restoration is not just about looking better, it is about
improving how we think, understanding how we feel and deciding how we respond to and engage
with others